Chuan Hao


This webpage describes the technologies I commonly use when I do a project. Depending on the project, the technologies I use would differ as well. As such, I structured the webpage into 2 segments, one on technologies/skills I would use for front-end development and technologies/skills I would use for software/Data science and ML.

Front-End Development

The lanaguages below, HTML, CSS and Javascript, are what I mainly use to develop the front-end of my websites now. As I only recently started to make my own websites, like the one you are on now, the code is all mostly done from scratch, without the use of any libraries. In the future, I hope to learn some of these front-end libraries so as to make my future websites more dynamic.



HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.
I mainly use HTML to build the backbone of my websites. For now, I mainly code in plain HTML, with my style being to containerise sections of content. In the future, I plan to learn and use front-end frameworks such as bootstrap to better develop my HTML code.



CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
I use CSS for styling the plain HTML code for my websites. This includes things from the website layouts to individual element styling. In the future, I hope to incorporate my CSS knowledge with frameworks such as bootstrap to make better websites.



Javascript is a programming language that can be used for both software and website development.
Currently, I am using javascript mainly for front-end website development. In the future, I hope to learn front-end javascript libraries such as JQuery and React to make my websites more dynamic.

Core Development

Core development here refers to the technologies that I use the most and am most familiar with. If given a choice, I would much rather develop software using these technologies.


Python 3.6

The language that I mainly use and am most comfortable with is python 3.6. There is no real reason as to why I picked this language to be my main language other than I happened to use it more than others. I also found that anything I wanted to make could be done in python so I just stuck with it, picking up the various libraries you see below.

Data Sience and Artificial intelligence

These are the python libraries I generally use to do data analysis and artificial intelligence. Do note that I would still consider myself in these libraries as I do not have that much experience with them yet.

sciPy icon


In this collection of libraries I usually use the libraries numPy, pandas, and matplotlib. This is as these libraries allow me to manipulate, visualise and understand data from datasets.

Sci-Kit Learn

For now, this is the library I use to do machine learning. This is simply because the barrier to entry for this library is much lower than other similar libraries such as Pytorch or Tensorflow.


These are the common technologies I use to create programs/software. Examples, where I used these technologies in projects, are my finance tracker and python calculator.

tkinter icon


This is the library I frequently use to create the Graphic User Interfaces(GUIs) for my programs. I decided to use this library as it was capable to do what I wanted with very little set-up and prior knowledge.

other icon


Other technologies/libraries I frequently use are in-built libraries such as math or time. The current editor I use for python is Pycharm, an editor from JetBrains