Chuan Hao

Picture of me at google's HQ in Singapore
Figure 1: Picture of me at google's HQ in Singapore

A little about myself...

My IT journey began when I was a student at Swiss Cottage Secondary School. I was first introduced to programming by a friend when I was in Secondary one that had beginner classes in his school for C++. Thinking it was pretty cool, I then began to teach myself how to code using online learning resources such as codecademy. Then when I was in Secondary 3, I began to work on some more practical programs, to help me in my school work, especially for maths. Then when it came to my O levels in Sec 4, after I got back my results, I realised I qualified for the Common IT course in Singapore Polytechnic and thus I decided that I wanted to pursue my passion in It and applied for the course and managed to get in.

Figure 2: Picture of Singapore Polytechnic

What I'm doing right now...

Currently, I'm a student enrolled in Singapore's Polytechnic Common Infocomm course. I'm still trying to experience as much of the field as I can before I decide to specialise in a certain field. Some fields that I have yet to try include game development, cybersecurity and full-stack web development just to name a few.

Figure 3: Screenshot of the apps/games I commonly use

For fun, I..

To relax, I usually like to play some games with my friends. To this end, I have set up my own discord server where I usually invite my friends over to chill and hang out. Occasionally, when we have enough people, we would host party games on discord and generally have a fun time.